Due to the Kursk branch of "Delovaya Rossiya" a creative playground "#SVEZHIYVOZDUH" appears

Due to the Kursk branch of "Delovaya Rossiya" a creative playground "#SVEZHIYVOZDUH" appears

Creating a special platform that will not only contribute to a healthy family entertainment, but also the development of the city dwellers, both grown-ups and children - that is the aim of the new project "#SVEZHIYVOZDUH", authored by citizen of Kursk Julia Gorbulina. Creative area appeared in the park of sports and concert complex in June.

First part of the project is already under development with the support of Moscow company “Unica engineering”. Despite being relatively young, the company has major customers in sphere of engineering and designing facilities with high requirements towards safety and cleanliness.

General Director of "UNICA engineering», member of "Delovaya Rossiya"  General Council, Oleg Malakhov is well familiar with our city thanks to the cooperation with the biggest Kursk organizations, also he helps to one of the local orphanages. After evaluating social significance of "#SVEZHIYVOZDUH" project, the businessman has supported its implementation.

"Kursk is very beautiful, green city. The development of park recreation culture will undoubtedly beneficial to all citizens - both children and adults, it could also support the tourist interest to the region. 

More info: http://www.deloros.ru/blagodarya-kurskoj-delovoj-rossii-poyavitsya-tvorcheskaya-ploshhadka-svezhijvozduh.html