An article for the magazine "Chistye pomeshcheniya" ¹57

An article for the magazine "Chistye pomeshcheniya" ¹57

Use of BIM technology for clean rooms.

The article is about using BIM technology in clean room design. The main tool in BIM design is 3D model of the facility filled with equipment and MEP systems. The possible 4th dimension is work schedule, the 5th is cost of human resources and materials. If necessary, the model can be expanded with 6th and 7th dimensions by providing additional data, for example, energy resources supply and project's consistency with the environmental requirements. These additional parameters make project management much more convenient. 

BIM technology makes it possible to see additional information about qualification, certification and commissioning that is very important for clean room design. Clean room’s strict requirements can lead to huge changes in design, and BIM technology makes it possible to try different positions of clean rooms and equipment virtually.

BIM can also affect teamwork positively. It can save time and resources using common consolidated database. Moreover, BIM technology goes on its development guaranteeing the clients that their problems are all taken into consideration.