The remedy for people and economy

The remedy for people and economy

The Russia's largest plant for the production of immunobiological products was opened in Vladimir Oblast'. Pharmacological company "Generium" now claims to be the largest taxpayer of 33rd region

On May 23 the opening ceremony of the medical immunobiological preparations plant was attended by the governor of Vladimir Oblast’. Svetlana Orlova said that now they are starting to be competitive on the global pharmaceutical market, which has been the aim of "Generium" since 2004, when the development of their own projects in Vladimir Oblast’ started.

The president of international biotechnology center “Generium”, Alexander Shuster, said that the new plant is part of the project “Generium-2”, and that inside the company people call it “Shop ¹9”. The production is so robotized and automated that the 5-storey building with a total area of 6000 square meters is operated by no more than 30 people.

In the near future, the plant will start producing 3 drugs, when totally it is planned to produce 11 drugs for the treatment of oncological diseases (Russia's first original product - therapeutic antibody that can suppress development and metastasis of most of the known cancer tumors), spectrum of neurology and cardiology diseases (cure for thrombus in heart and brain).

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