An article in the magazine "Clean room" 56

An article in the magazine "Clean room" 56

The design and construction of Clean rooms with the negative pressure

To the date there is no research standards normalizing a clean room with negative pressure for the preparation of sterile pharmaceuticals. The clean area with the negative pressure is the room which is under discharging relative to the ambient place that belong to the suspended particles , the direction of air flow and volume expenses.

At the facilities for the preparation of medicine (drugs) clean room with negative pressure used for the isolation of the personnel and the environment.

Considering the requirements for periodicity of cleaning and environmental control in spaces, you should allocate some of their design issues that require careful negotiation with the customer before, during and after construction:

  1. Single layer partitions
  2. The pressure control
  3. Leakage in the construction of clean zones with negative pressure
  4. The equipment of systems of ventilation with low pressure