Project management

Company UNICA engineering readily carries out the management of the project at any stage of its realization:

  • preparation of working documentation;
  • preparation of necessary documentation and tracking the tender that aims at the selection of project team and contracting organization;
  • coordination and approval of the budget and scheduling of production works;
  • operation management at all stages of engineering and construction.

We will reduce time and financial costs of the project and will follow and control all technological and engineering conditions.

One of the first stages of the work on the project is project management. At the stage of engineering of a new object all technical and architectural solutions must be verified carefully. Any mistake at this stage will cost a customer additional time and money to resolve future possible problems.

Project management at the stage of construction phase can be quite a difficult task even for a professional if a professional works alone. For this reason, for each project, we form a project team that is consisted of educated specialists with rich experience in the field of construction management we often find and offer alternative solutions or will lower costs of the project without any negative influence on its quality characteristics.

Final stage of the project regulates the transfer of completed object to the customer and registration of all necessary documents/ our specialists will carry out the process of transfer of the object in accordance with the existing regulations and rules.